Like any normal friday of my life, today I was energetically attacked

Today I was spiritually attacked and I did a pretty good defense, thank you! You´re welcome! :)

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This morning the coordinator of the spiritual house I work came to my place and made a deep energetic cleanse, removing all the bad energies that were keeping me awake at night. It’s hard when there’s this huge amount of voices whispering in your ear. I don’t really understand them, it’s not like I could specifically hear and understand what they said, it’s more like a constant noise of a crowd. Eventually you get used to it and fall asleep, but it’s not a calm and peaceful rest.

Everything went fine with the cleaning, until the moment I brought my witch closer to me. She always manifests herself conecting me with the earth and fire, she is drawn to the flames and sends that energy to the earth.

This time she was doing a spiral to help the cleaning, transmuting the negativity into positive energy, when the coordinator approached and make the connection between me and the witch even stronger. Suddenly I started to feel this rage I had to contain within myself. It was an enormous effort to contain the energy that was trying to flow through me. I was sticking my fingernails into his arm trying to rip it off, trying to break the skin. Off course I had a little conscience left and didn’t really break it, but that was my urge. Little by little I realized it was not me breaking his skin, it was my witch trying to hatch out of her cocoon, like a rebirth, like a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon. I couldn’t contain it anymore and finally let everything come out like a scream at the top of my lungs, a very high-pitched scream so loud that the entire building could hear it.

At this moment I could feel the wings spreading wide open and the freedom of been one with her, the witch.

I am her and she is me!

Now I feel stronger, like I own myself, like I could do anything I want.

After that I saw the marks on his arms, felt a bit guilty, but what’s done is done. He left and I felt the apartment lighter and brighter.

A few hours later I was talking to a friend and suddenly I felt my Eshu coming closer to me. I know, from other occasions, that when he comes at me like that, without warning and at my place is because there’s something wrong. I let him take a small control of my body, not completely like when I don’t have any control left, but enough to talk to me and show me the things he’s seeing.

There were some negative energies, some spirits trying to come back to my home and harm me. Instantly we began to energetically close the house, call for all the good spirits that work with me and requesting them to help us cope with the situation. As always, my Eshu keeps walking around like he’s on guard, keeping all the exits at his sight, making sure nothing comes in. We stood like that for something like 10 minutes, walking, conjuring, calling for the spiritual guides. At some point he looks outside the window and I could see in my mind the bad spirits outside, madly laughing at us but not able to come in.

When there were no big risks Eshu went aside and I was again the witch. She went to the main door of my place and draw a pentagram, energetically closing the entrance. Next to the back door and again a pentagram. Did the same in all the mirrors of the apartment, cause they’re considered to be portals to the spiritual world. We were closing all the entrances to my place.

When it all ended I felt so good, so strong. I know it was not a very big threat, but I did it all alone.

Now I can defend myself.

I’m so proud!




Supersensível, artista, cíclica, circular. Relato aqui meus contatos com o mundo sutil, esperando ajudar aos que, como eu, buscam o fim do sofrimento e a paz.

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Supersensível, artista, cíclica, circular. Relato aqui meus contatos com o mundo sutil, esperando ajudar aos que, como eu, buscam o fim do sofrimento e a paz.

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